Entry rules and requirements:

  • Open to all groups in or associated with the construction industry (property, buildings, infrastructure, design, procurement, construction, supply chain, public and private sector).
  • Band members must be from within your organisation, however Joint Ventures between companies are also acceptable provided all band members are in or associated with the construction industry.
  • You may have 1 member of your band not within the construction industry, but that person may not be the lead singer.
  • If your band is not based in a major centre (Auckland), it is permissible to have more than 1 non industry member, provided that the majority of the band members (including the lead singer) are in or associated with the construction industry.
  • No professional musicians please, this is a purely amateur event for people who work in construction.
  • Maximum 7 band members.
  • Any music style is fine; covers and original material equally acceptable.
  • Bands are to provide a short biography listing each member and a description/ history of the band for event promotions.
  • Each band in the final must purchase and sell 30 tickets which are likely to be priced at around $30.00 each.
  • Additional tickets will be made available for advanced sales or on the door.
  • Each band in the final will be required to send a member to a meeting before the event (TBC).
  • PA, mics and instrument backline (drums, two guitar amps and bass amp) will be provided; band members must bring all other instruments and equipment. Each band may bring up to two guitar amps for use in addition to or instead of the suppled backline.
  • Each band will be required to bring any equipment and be sound checked on the afternoon of the event (time TBC).
  • Bands should arrange their own Public Liability insurance for themselves, their guests and their equipment.


There may be circumstances where a band member may be unable to play at the final event. Substitutions must be approved by the organiser WSP NZ Ltd.

Security and legislation:

  • Bands must adhere to the event’s health and safety regulations and requirements at all times.
  • Band members are responsible for the security and insurance of their equipment, which must be tagged and tested.
  • The event organisers cannot be held liable for any lost, damaged, or stolen equipment.
  • Fires, pyrotechnics, fog machines etc. are not allowed.
  • Only persons 18 or over will be admitted to the venue.
  • Drinks consumed on the premises must be purchased on the premises.
  • Only judges and the Construction Rocks authorised team members are allowed onto the judges gallery.


  • A panel of judges will score each band on originality, musicality, entertainment and professionalism.
  • The judges score plus an audience participation score and sound engineer’s score will be used to determine the winner.
  • The chairman of the judges will have a casting vote.
  • Prizes will be awarded.
  • The outright NZ winner will be presented with the CR trophy and may keep it for the following year until the next CR event.
  • Copyright

  • Bands, acknowledge that photographers and videographers engaged by the Organiser, will be recording the event, including the Band’s performance. The Organiser may publish or otherwise use, any of the content recorded/taken of the Band, its performance or the event, in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorisation from, or compensation to the Band or its individual members.

The event organisers reserve the right to make changes to the rules and regulations of the contest, and will have the final word in any disputes that should arise concerning the contest. Failure to comply with contest rules may result in bands being disqualified.