Un-Consented Work

Beca/ Downer/Conrad

Quintin Blackburn

Mike Quirk
Keys, Sax

Jens Balzat
Guitar/lead vocals

Antony Quirk

Douglas Fenton
Lead guitar

Haddon Smith
Not sure but he’s such a cool guy

Taking a scene out of The Blue Brothers, we‘got the old band together again”. Deconstruct was pulled out of the ashes in 2017 with Reconstruct…that didn’t work, so we decided just to go with lashings of cool.

After looking at ourselves, it was clear we lacked the lashings sort, so pulled in the coolest guy in Beca, Haddon Smith. We’ll decide what he plays as we go on stage…it might be the shovel… we will see. He is so cool he can make that shovel sing, baby!