Temporal Lending Services Ltd

Tonkin + Taylor, Vulcan Steel, Holmes Consulting, University of Auckland

Kevin Ng
Guitar, Lead Vocals

Sam Caston
Bass, Vocals

Chris Mathieson

Tim Roper

Dilys Fong
Keyboard, Vocals

The brief history of this group began with a deep and meaningful whatsapp chat, including the iconic statement “Badum dum da, dada, dadadadaaaaa”. In its third reincarnation, Temporal Lending Services Ltd (previously “Rocky Rhodes”, previously “Take the Time”) is brought to Construction Rocks 2019 through the artistic vision of founding members, Kevin, Sam, and Chris, to play progressive rock beyond the solitude of their man caves. With the other members along for the ride, it’s all an eclectic mish-mash of sound, crossing musical boundaries, and traversing multiple engineering fields. Good Times. What else would you expect from a Temporal Lending Service?