Our first band entry this year – The Mule!!

Band Photo The Mule

Passers-by (aka fans) once famously quoted “they’re quite good…”

Based in Christchurch and passionate weekend musical warriors, we bring energy passion and enthusiasm to the stage. We relish the challenge to take on our colleagues within the design, construction, infrastructure and property industry in the Construction Rocks NZ battle of the bands competition.

Formed back in 2010 and created as an outlet for introverted engineering professionals looking to turn their musical dreams into reality. Our regular gigs at the WSP Opus Christmas functions throughout NZ has us aspiring to one day bring The Mule experience to a company-wide world tour. A dedicated group of construction professionals and contractors we are the ultimate design construct band, like a well-oiled project delivery team – we play in perfect harmony (sometimes).

The Mule Band photographs